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Brian vs Ether and Astra
Jeremy: hey
Ether: you aren't very nice
Brian: Sorry, I was j/k
Jeremy: sure. Whats up?
Brian: not much. We have chicks at my house
Jeremy: oh
Ether: cool
Brian: Real ones, like baby chickens
Jeremy: oh that sucks. Are you going to eat them?
Brian: I guess
Jeremy: oh
Ether: you heartless bastard
Brian: No, why would I?
Jeremy: cuz you suck. What's with you?
Brian: nothing. What's with you?
Jeremy: I'm pissed off
Brian: At me?
Jeremy: yes and no
Ether: Just don't piss him off more
Brian: Oh, ok, sorry guys. What's up, Ether?
Jeremy: whatever
Ether: I am not a guy
Brian: Yeah you are. Oh, I thought that was Jeremy. Ether's not a guy, Jeremy is
Ether: That is correct
Jeremy: shut up Brian. Do you know what the fifth element is?
Ether: Don't say a movie
Brian: The fifth element is mentally controlled
Jeremy: what? where did you get that?
Brian: It's true
Jeremy: are you sure?
Ether: You are wrong
Brian: Well, it should be an element... think about it. Like levitating objects and all of that cool stuff... it could be worked into an element that no one knows about because they don't know it's happening
Jeremy: I know all five. The lower four are earth, air, fire, water
Ether: The fifth and highest is outer space, but it is called ether
Brian: Oh yeah, that makes more sense
Jeremy: yeah it does
Ether: I am the fifth and highest element! Bow down before me. Lol
Brian: ...K...
Brian: So, what's it like being the fifth element?
Ether: I'm not the fifth element, just named after it
Brian: oh, I see. SO, what's it like being named after the fifth element
Ether: of course Leargo didn't know that when he named me... It's kind of vexing because that movie the fifth element sucked
Brian: Sorry about that...
Ether: It's not your fault, its Leargos. I hate him
Brian: Wanna kill him? Or is he already dead?
Jeremy: Astra killed him
Brian: Oh, ok
Ether: I hate her too
Brian: Wanna kill Astra?
Ether: YES
Brian: Hmmm...I don't think I should be killing anybody, so you can do it alone
Ether: I don't need your help, nor did I even ask for it
Brian: Ok
Jeremy: la la la, don't lock me away
Brian: I won't
Jeremy: I'm not worried about you
Jeremy: Have any good quotes I can add to the page?
Brian: Not to my knowledge
Jeremy: oh
Jeremy: Guess what I got?
Ether: A star wars tee-shirt?
Jeremy: How did you know? Lol
Brian: She's smart, remember?
Jeremy: oh yeah. Astra is the psychic one though
Brian: Duh...
Jeremy: whos gay? You or Joe or both?
Brian: Joe is both gay and strait, aka bi, but i'm strait
Jeremy: From a song, She's my bi-sexual baby, she likes more than just
Brian: lol
Jeremy: do you know what the word Stasis mean?
Brian: No...
Jeremy: ok, I forget too, I think it means suspended animation
Brian: brb
Astra: No! Get back here!
Brian: Back
Jeremy: k
Astra: Hey Brian
Brian: Hey Astra. What happened to Ether?
Ether: I'm still here
Brian: Oh, ok
Astra: What up?
Brian: Nothing really. What's up for you?
Astra: I'm pissed off cuz Ether won't go away
Ether: Fuck you Bitch
Brian: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Astra: Shut up Brian
Ether: Shut up Brian
Brian: No! I came for a fight, and I don't leave until I get one! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Astra: How about I kick your ass?
Brian: How bout you do?
Astra: No, you'd enjoy it too much
Brian: No, but when you realize that you couldn't kick a fly's ass, and I'm beatin you down, you'll wish you didn't say any of this
Astra: You know who you sound like? Matt
Brian: That's cuz this is Matt
Jeremy: No! Prove it!
Jeremy: Who was created after FX but before Ether?
Brian: Bob Dole, why?
Jeremy: Ha ha no. You are Brian
Astra: you be should be hurt for doing that

Astra and Brian
HSTENX253: Astra?????
HSTENX253: Why aren't you responding?? Bitch!
Astra: who is this?
HSTENX253: You know damn fucking well who this is, bitch!
Astra: no, I don't. But I could guess
HSTENX253: You forgot who I am?!
Astra: yes. Sorry
HSTENX253: I created you!
Astra: Haha, thats a good lie, Matt
HSTENX253: Who's matt?
Astra: Cut the shit ok?
HSTENX253: Are you turning on me, your creator, bitch!
Astra: yes
HSTENX253: You will recieve a frightening message from one of your friends it a few minutes, bitch from hell!
Astra: There is no hell

Previous message was not received by HSTENX253 because of error: User HSTENX253 is not available.

Astra and Matt
Astra: Hi Matty!
Astra: hehe
Matt: hi
Astra: how are you today?
Matt: uh bad
Astra: aww, thats too bad
Astra: why are you bad?
Matt: just because
Astra: why because?
Matt: you're on 2 sns
Astra: what?
Matt: bitch I have too many ims
Astra: What are you talking about?
Matt: you, ether, jeremy, mike, cool dude,
Astra: Aww geez
Astra: That sucks
Matt: and kurt
Astra: Is that why your depressed?
Astra: lol
Matt: no
Astra: Then why?
Matt: just because, dammit
Astra: why can't you tell me?
Astra: Please tell me. Maybe I can help.
Astra: If you don't tell me, I'll just have get pyshic on your ass
Astra: HAHA
Astra: That sounded bad huh?
Matt: yeah, it did. well, mrs. psychic, tell me what's wrong :-)
Astra: Andrea
Matt: you really think you're psychic, dont you?
Astra: I try
Astra: It's hard to read over the computer though
Matt: lol you read between planets, how hard can it be?
Astra: Hard when I'm actually still on Condroth
Astra: So just be nice and tell me what's wrong?
Matt: riiight. so I really dont know. I think it's part andrea, (yeah, yeah, dont brag) and mostly just that life sux
Astra: That bitch Andrea. Always pissing you off. Something about girls whose names start with "a". Amy for Jeremy, Andrea for you, and Me for FX
Matt: well.... she's not really pissing me off, just
Astra: just (you do it to yourself, you do. And that's what REALLY hurts)
Astra: That stupid bitch Ether
Astra: She signed off and knocked us all off
Matt: you killed yourself?
Matt: ether killed herself?
Astra: huh?
Astra: She signed off to watch tv
Astra: That's why we all lost con
Astra: Shes so stupid
Matt: huh?!
Astra: sigh, nevermind
Astra: You why is your upset state, part, Andrea?
Matt: oh I see. where's rhete?
Astra: trying to get on
Matt: that 2nd thing made no sense
Astra: what 2nd thing?
Matt: the 2nd thing you said there
Matt: fine, goddamn bitch
Matt: You why is your upset state, part, Andrea?
Astra: HEY!
Astra: so I really dont know. I think it's part andrea,
Astra: So how is she kindof pissing you off?
Matt: she isnt!!
Matt: she's part of the unhappines
Astra: WTF!
Matt: not the pissed offness
Matt: I'm not pissed off atall
Astra: Ahhh
Astra: Do you want me to help you or not?
Matt: yes
Matt: I'm trying to get you to underatnd
Astra: IM ME....NOW!!!
Astra: Ahhh shoot
Matt: I have no idea!
Astra: type faster
Astra: Ahhh come one, YOu don't knoow whats wrong.
Astra: Just that your uunhappy
Astra: that is LAME
Astra: I Can barelytupe im soinsulted
Astra: at your patheticness
Matt: shutup
Matt: ok?
Astra: no
Matt: I thought you were going to help
Matt: insults lower my self-esteem, BITCH!!
Astra: I could help. IF you could give me a problem
Astra: Well that's your problem
Astra: You have low self-esteem
Matt: Maybe, Maybe not
Astra: Because of Andrea
Matt: I dont know how to recognize a probelm
Matt: NOOOOo
Matt: that's not it
Astra: Yeeeeeeees
Astra: that is
Matt: Andrea's not my problem
Matt: idiot
Astra: baka
Astra: hehe
Matt: you just dont get it, do you scott?
Astra: ?
Matt: austin powers???
Matt: how "out of it" are you??
Astra: riiiiiiiiiiiight
Astra: I'm on
Astra: BAKA!!!
Astra: hehe
Astra: no infact...
Matt: shutup with the f'ing japanese crap, ok?
Astra: No
Astra: So what's pissing you off?
Astra: Besides me and Rhete
Matt: ha. that's it. nothing else is pissing me off
Astra: ok.
Astra: So i am the problem
Astra: hehe, thats not a problem
Matt: yes it is
Matt: you're a walking problem that claims to be psychic which is a problem within itself
Astra: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
Astra: you're so cute when you're mad!
Astra: hahaahhahahahaha!!
Matt: astra's coming on to me?!?!?!? NOOOO
Astra: No i'm not
Astra: Astra: how are you today?
Matt: uh bad
Astra: why are you bad?
Astra: Matt: just because
Matt: uh, yes: Astra: you're so cute when you're mad!
Astra: Hehehe
Astra: I'm not coming on to you
Astra: Remember, I have FX
Astra: Whether you like it or not!
Matt: bitch, you're dead
Astra: Cuz I know how you like Ether so much
Astra: what?
Astra: why am I dead?
Astra: You can't touch me
Matt: I dont like ether in that way
Astra: Hahahahahaahhaahha
Matt: whats that for
Astra: Seems like no one likes her "in that way"
Matt: I'm human, she's nonn-real
Astra: Everyone's always like, "Oh, I like her, just not in that way..."
Astra: Now you
Astra: No wonder she has suicidal and has extremely low-self esteem
Astra: Well good!
Astra: She should kill herself!
Astra: That would be FUNNY!
Matt: killing myself wouldn't be funny dammit
Astra: I didn't say you, I said Ether
Matt: you... you.... BITCH!!!
Astra: ahahahahaahah now what?
Astra: you anger so easily!
Astra: its pathetic!
Astra: c'mon call me a bitch again
Astra: it's funny
Matt: no, bitch
Astra: there!
Astra: hahahaahhahaahahahahaha!!!!!
Astra: Why do you hate me so much?

Brian and the crazy girl
Brian: Germ!
Brian: I have a problem
Jeremy: what?
Brian: Hi
Bgirl25: oh my god brian?
Brian: Yes...
Bgirl25: ahhhhhhhhhhhh hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bgirl25: how are you?!
Jeremy: lol
Brian: That's what happened when I IMed a name I don't know the owner of
Jeremy: lol
Brian: I've been pretending to be a gay friend of hers from nashua for about a half hour
Jeremy: lol
Jeremy: see her profile?
Brian: Yeah, it's just a bunch of quotes
Brian: She apparently smokes, and doesn't know anyone named matt or gwen
Jeremy: lol
Brian: Bgirl25 is her name
Jeremy: no help at all...
Jeremy: she know your brian, ask her her name
Brian: It's melanie something
Jeremy: oh
Brian: From nashua, who thinks i'm gay with Mike
Jeremy: lol
Brian: I'm serious
Jeremy: you are fucking funny
Jeremy: wtf is wrong with you?
Brian: Which Mike ?
Bgirl25: your Mike .......
Bgirl25: what other Mike is there?
Brian: There's a lot...
Bgirl25: your boyfriend
Jeremy: lol
Jeremy: how could she fall for that?
Jeremy: your acting so dumb
Jeremy: I bet she's fucking with you
Jeremy: could it be gwen or someone?
Brian: No, she's at dance...
Jeremy: sure?
Jeremy: what about andrea?
Jeremy: tell her the truth
Jeremy: that your not a fag from nashua
Brian: I tried
Jeremy: lol
Jeremy: u r fun knee
Brian: she keeps telling me
Bgirl25: you gotta stop1
Brian: Stop what?
Bgirl25: fucking with m e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremy: lol
Jeremy: hahahah
Jeremy: oh my god
Jeremy: that is so funny
Jeremy: maybe I should talk to her
Brian: Be careful
Jeremy: no
Jeremy: I'm chicken shit
Jeremy: and wont im her
Brian: ok
Jeremy: still talking?
Brian: Yeah
Jeremy: save the conversation
Brian: She just asked me if i smoke pot
Jeremy: its probably a classic
Jeremy: hahahahhaha
Jeremy: yes YOU DO!
Jeremy: save the window
Brian: No, crack, bitch
Jeremy: are you going to save the window?
Brian: Probably, unless I forget to
Jeremy: I'll remind you
Brian: k
Brian: i will
Jeremy: dont forget to save the window
Brian: i won't
Jeremy: what are you going to do?
Brian: Save the window
Jeremy: RIGHT!
Jeremy: hehe
Jeremy: I'm login off now. Don't forget
Brian: I won't
Brian: bye germ
Jeremy: bye

Brian forgot to save the window

The founding of Ilsisdo
Jeremy: Hail
Ether: How are you?
Matt: I dont know
Jeremy: Bad?
Ether: You always are depresed. Write drifting two yet?
Matt: nope
Jeremy: I am so bored
Matt: no. you were created in Jeremy's head
Ether: Die
Matt: what did I say wrong?
Ether: you say everything wrong
Matt: I know
Jeremy: I have to work on my book I have to do homework I have tv to watch but I'm a lazy slob and I'll just spend the next 8 hours online.
Matt: lol join the club
Jeremy: cool
Ether: What is the clubs name? How about "the drifters"
Matt: the "but I'm a lazy slob and I'll just spend the next 8 hours online" club
Jeremy: cool
Jeremy: I got it:
Abbreveation: I.L.S.I.S.D.O. Full name: I'm a Lazy Slob. I'll Spend the Day Online
Matt: cool!
Jeremy: ILS ISDO :)
Ether: I elect myself president
Matt: hey! What happened to democracy?
Jeremy: All who support Ether for president say Aye. Aye
Ether: Aye
Jeremy: Thats 2/3. Majority wins! Ether is president!
Ether: Yay!
Matt: my friend bob here says otherwise
Jeremy: Bob isn't in the club untill president Ether approves
Matt: no no no, bob was in before ether was. he's my imaginary friend that only appears when I'm at the computer
Ether: Well, I'm putting Astra in the club, that 3/5 now!
Astra: Huhwuzgoinon?
Matt: she doesn't even understand! Her vote doesn't count until she's educated
President Ether: Yes it does
Astra: Are you calling me stupid?
Matt: fuck you, mr. president! Astra, "Huhwuzgoinon" is the dumbest thing I've heard all day.
Bob: I concur with whatever matt says because I'm an integral part of his psyche and choose not to be dissassociated with his concience for his psychological heath and other various reasons.
Matt: oh, sorry, couldn't tell the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming from you, it doesn't mean much cuz you probably don't know what the f word means!!! And you can't do that, cuz Im the president, all 3 of me
Astra: Aye
Stasis: Aye
Lark: Aye
Jeremy: Aye
Nemor: Aye
Lance: Aye
Rydii: Aye
Fukomar: Aye
Leargo: Aye
Vex: Aye
Trellis: Aye
XS: Aye
Trinkoka: Aye
Matt: can we say personality disorder? there's only 2 of us here. and I declare myself president, because ether doesn't exist, and Jeremy hasn't declared himself president, therefore, I am the president
Matt: lol divine my @s$!!!
Astra: Hey, I'm legitamate royalty, why aren't I ruler?
Matt: divinely nonexistant. ha! now you're fighting with yourself!
Astra: I am ruler!
Matt: I rule the club of the insane. Tests have proven that I'm crazier than all of you, so I wouldn't try to stop me from becoming president
Astra: Insane club? Screw this...
Matt: I'm crazier than everyone. I just hide it very well.
Ether: I hide it poorly
Jeremy: I quit your fucking club
Ether: yEAH me too..
Matt: ha! I win! you lose! all of you!
Ether: Your club sucks
Matt: you suck!
Ether: It's lame, we quit, you didn't win. Matt is a presidentof a club for losers! So matt is the biggest loser of all!!
Matt: what? no
Ether: heh. theres only 2 people here now. Ether and Matt. hehe. Now who's insane. bitch. mwuaahahahaha. I SHALL MAKE MY OWN CLUB CALLED MATT IS A BITCH AND KICK MATT OUT OF IT

Crazy Mike
Mike (7:50:40 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:05 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:15 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:18 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:21 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:24 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:27 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:28 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:31 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:34 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:42 PM): eat you parents
Mike (7:51:45 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:46 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:50 PM): bush
Mike (7:51:53 PM): answer me!!
Mike (7:52:07 PM): fight me, bush!
Mike (7:52:12 PM): i will kill you
Mike (7:52:14 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:16 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:18 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:20 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:22 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:25 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:27 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:34 PM): bush, i ate your soul.....
Mike (7:52:38 PM): vush
Mike (7:52:41 PM): oops..
Mike (7:52:43 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:45 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:46 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:48 PM): bush
Mike (7:52:56 PM): know any good anime shows on tv?
Mike (7:53:14 PM): i am shinji. i will kill you with a spatula
Mike (7:53:15 PM): bush
Mike (7:53:19 PM): rei rules, you bitch!
Mike (7:53:21 PM): bush
Mike (7:53:24 PM): what the hell?
Mike (7:53:27 PM): bush die
Mike (7:53:31 PM): bush is weird
Mike (7:53:35 PM): bush likes anime
Mike (7:53:38 PM): write a song
Mike (7:53:41 PM): oh wait
Mike (7:53:42 PM): bush
Mike (7:53:43 PM): bush
Mike (7:53:47 PM): bush
Mike (7:53:51 PM): he's freakin' insane
Mike (7:53:55 PM): jeremy bush
Mike (7:53:57 PM): bush
Mike (7:53:58 PM): bush
Mike (7:54:00 PM): bush
Mike signed off at 7:54:06 PM.
Mike signed on at 7:55:10 PM.
Mike signed off at 7:55:32 PM.
Mike signed on at 7:56:21 PM.
Mike signed off at 7:56:34 PM.
Mike signed on at 7:56:56 PM.
Mike (7:57:12 PM): freakin' aol
Mike (7:57:29 PM): it kicked me off cuz i was talking to much
Mike (7:57:30 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:30 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:31 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:33 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:34 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:35 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:36 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:37 PM): bush
Mike (7:57:39 PM): luckily
Mike (7:57:42 PM): bush
Mike (7:58:17 PM): luckily, there's aim, so i can type as much as i want without having to sign off first
Mike (7:58:21 PM): bush
Mike (7:58:22 PM): bush
Mike (7:58:23 PM): bush
Mike (7:58:24 PM): bush
Mike (7:58:25 PM): bush
Mike (7:58:27 PM): bush
Mike (7:58:36 PM): does this remind you of something?
Mike (7:58:38 PM): bush!
Mike (7:58:40 PM): bush!
Mike (7:58:41 PM): bush!
Mike (7:58:42 PM): bush!
Mike (7:58:44 PM): bush!
Mike (7:58:47 PM): i am brian
Mike (8:00:08 PM): just kidding
Mike (8:00:09 PM): bush
Mike (8:00:09 PM): bush
Mike (8:00:09 PM): bush
Mike (8:00:10 PM): bush
Mike (8:00:10 PM): bush
Mike (8:00:10 PM): bush
Mike (8:00:10 PM): bush
Mike (8:00:22 PM): somewhere around here shouldn't there be any autoresponse from you?
Mike (8:00:23 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:07 PM): where are you?
Mike (8:01:08 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:08 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:10 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:10 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:14 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:16 PM): bhus
Mike (8:01:16 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:16 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:18 PM): i can't type well
Mike (8:01:19 PM): bush
Mike (8:01:22 PM): bush?
Mike (8:01:26 PM): where are you?
Mike (8:01:57 PM): bush
Mike (8:02:01 PM): where are you?
Mike (8:02:08 PM): i sure do hate rate limits
Mike (8:02:12 PM): don't you?
Mike (8:02:15 PM): bush?
Mike (8:02:17 PM): bush?
Mike (8:02:19 PM): bish
Mike (8:02:25 PM): bich
Mike (8:02:27 PM): bitch
Mike (8:02:31 PM): how funny
Mike (8:02:34 PM): bush
Mike (8:02:46 PM): my name is bush
Mike (8:02:52 PM): your name is bush
Mike (8:02:58 PM): bush
Mike (8:03:00 PM): bush
Mike (8:03:01 PM): bush
Mike (8:03:02 PM): bush
Mike (8:03:02 PM): bush
Mike (8:03:03 PM): bush
Mike (8:03:04 PM): bush
Mike (8:03:58 PM): bush bush bush, he's freakin' insane
Mike (8:04:02 PM): unto others he wishes death and pain
Mike (8:04:09 PM): he'll swear at you if he gets the chance
Mike (8:04:17 PM): but don't get me wrong, he wears nice pants
Mike (8:04:19 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:20 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:21 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:22 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:23 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:24 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:25 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:27 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:27 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:28 PM): bush
Mike (8:04:55 PM): bushbushbushbushbush
Mike (8:05:00 PM): bush to fifth power
Mike (8:05:03 PM): bush bush
Mike (8:05:06 PM): bush squared
Mike (8:05:13 PM): bush+bush=2bush
Mike (8:05:16 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:18 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:18 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:20 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:20 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:21 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:51 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:53 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:54 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:55 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:56 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:57 PM): bush
Mike (8:05:58 PM): bush
Mike (8:06:02 PM): it's kinda funny
Mike (8:06:08 PM): if you read this out lous
Mike (8:06:11 PM): loud
Mike (8:06:20 PM): it doesn't even sound like bush is a word
Mike (8:06:21 PM): bush
Mike (8:06:22 PM): bush
Mike (8:06:25 PM): obviously it is
Mike (8:06:33 PM): bush
Mike (8:06:33 PM): bush
Mike (8:07:02 PM): rate limit again, bush! bush, this is annoying
Mike (8:07:13 PM): bush
Mike (8:07:13 PM): bush
Mike (8:07:14 PM): bush
Mike (8:07:22 PM): fly in to the sky, bush!
Mike (8:07:35 PM): i am the river that is life's ironing board.
Mike (8:08:02 PM): bask in the artificial sunlight projected by the fountain of pain that exists within the puddle
Mike (8:08:03 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:04 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:05 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:08 PM): i'm bored
Mike (8:08:10 PM): and tired
Mike (8:08:12 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:15 PM): i'm bored
Mike (8:08:21 PM): i don't want to do this any more
Mike (8:08:22 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:24 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:26 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:28 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:29 PM): bush
Mike (8:08:32 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:09 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:09 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:10 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:11 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:11 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:11 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:13 PM): bush
Mike (8:09:16 PM): fear....

Two Stupid People
Mike signed off at 7:58:30 PM.
Mike signed on at 7:58:31 PM.
Rhete: hey!
Mike signed off at 7:58:35 PM.
Mike signed on at 7:58:37 PM.
Rhete: hey!
Rhete: stop that!
Rhete: wtf are you doing?
Mike signed off at 7:58:47 PM.
Mike signed on at 7:58:49 PM.
Rhete: argh
Mike signed off at 7:58:52 PM.
Mike signed on at 7:58:55 PM.
Rhete: goddamit
Rhete: STOP
Mike signed off at 7:59:00 PM.
Mike signed on at 8:01:17 PM.
Rhete: you suck!
Mike signed off at 8:01:20 PM.
Mike signed on at 8:01:54 PM.
Rhete: you have issues man
Mike signed off at 8:01:56 PM.
Mike signed on at 8:02:05 PM.
Rhete: get a life like me
Rhete: your page is broken
Rhete: lol
Mike signed off at 8:02:18 PM.
Mike signed on at 8:04:13 PM.
Mike signed off at 8:04:16 PM.
Mike signed on at 8:04:17 PM.
Rhete: having fun?
Rhete: your page is broken
Rhete: fix it
Mike: no it's not
Mike: Mike
Mike: http://Mike
Rhete: cool
Mike: unlike you
Rhete: die
Mike: what?
Mike: what?
Mike wants to directly connect.
Mike is now directly connected.
Rhete: I sense that you are pissed off t me
Mike direct connection is closed.
Mike: what?
Mike: i missed that
Rhete: I sense that you are pissed off at me
Mike: heh
Mike signed off at 8:09:15 PM.

Super Short Chat
Brian: You have just entered room "Naked With Apes."
Matt has entered the room.
Brian: nudity
Mike has entered the room.
Matt: ohshiat
Matt: i cant do this
Rhete: shiat?
Matt has left the room.
Brian: addiciton will rock
Rhete has left the room.
Mike has left the room.
Brian: hmm
Brian: good one

Me idle
Mike: dood
Mike: dood
Mike: dood
Mike: dood
Mike: idle 13 minutes
Mike: bastard
Mike: my guitar wants to kill your mama
Mike: my guitar wants to burn your dad
Mike: my guitar wants to have sex with your little sister
Rhete: I dont have a little sister

Mike: YEAHHHHH!!!!
Mike: DOOM!
Mike: PAIN!
Mike: AHHHH!
Mike: oh shit
Mike: back to normal mode
Mike: weh-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mike: ok, much better
Mike: woo

Dougy Delusional Style
Doug: guess where I am IMing you from
Rhete: Japan?
Doug: nope
Doug: other direction
Rhete: Hell?
Doug: no
Doug: Germany
Doug: it's about 8 now
Rhete: :o
Doug: it's so much better than the US you can actually leave school if you don's have anymore classesX
Rhete: I thought timberlane wasn't out yet
Doug: and it'ss really cool I was wearing my NERV shirt and someone recogniyed it and we talked about how subbed evangelion is better than the dub
Doug: this is with timberlane
Doug: so technically we are mking our sxhool year longer
Rhete: heh
Doug: and he agrees with me that Asuka is cool because sie ist eine schample
Rhete: bitch?
Doug: yep
Doug: is i back up?
Rhete: umm
Rhete: when was it down?
Doug: when joe'ss parents saw it
Rhete: It was up the next day
Doug: oh that was my last chance chance to check it
Doug: I was too busy after that
Doug: i vs pso I's afraid to look
Doug: wait I can's til NWA is done
Doug: you will work on it
Doug: or I'sl spread more NG rumors
Doug: the silence shows you know it to be true
Doug: you'se not working on it NOW but you will be
Doug: you'sl either need to work on it or get a job over the summer
Rhete: you cant make me
Doug: just you wait you'sl see
Doug: we have ways
Doug: mwa ha ha ha ha
Rhete: are you on crack?
Doug: nope
Doug: I just hold all the crads here
Doug: ^cards
Doug: heh heh heh I can even make germans want to see it
Rhete: lol
Rhete: Ether ist wirklich hei
Doug: ether is hei und nicht schon
Doug: in germany if someone says that they are hot it means they are fermiscious
Rhete: Ether ist reizvoll
Doug: right......
Doug: at least I don's need a traNSLATION PROGRAM
Doug: grrr these german keyboards are confusing
Rhete: lol
Doug: EEE
Doug: well I'sl ttyl

Mike: woo!
Rhete: lol
Rhete: u so crazy
Mike: yep
Rhete: you kill me
Mike: if by crazy you mean godlike, i'd hafta agree
Mike: if by kill you mean sexually molest....
Rhete: oh yes
Mike: i'd hafta disagree
Rhete: give it to me
Rhete: harder
Rhete: harder!
Mike: AHHH
Rhete: HARDER!
Rhete: PIE!
Mike: omfg
Rhete: YES!
Mike: get the hell away from me
Rhete: I'm pretty far away already
Mike: for that we can only thank god
Rhete: Unless you are at unh right now
Mike: heh heh heh
Mike: knock knock
Rhete: hello?
Mike: you're supposed to say "who's there?"
Rhete: who's there?
Mike: ME!!
Rhete: I just checked, you're a liar
Mike: shit
Mike: actually
Mike: i'm in the hallway
Rhete: I dont see you
Mike: i ducted taped myself (yes, and my computer) to the ceiling
Rhete: nice one
Rhete: you must be in the wrong hall
Mike: nope
Mike: you must be looking the wrong way
Mike: try up
Mike: what language did you take when you went to hell?
Mike: (trhs)
Rhete: french
Mike: woo! say something funny!
Rhete: jlol2!
Mike: in french dumbass
Rhete: je suis un anana
Mike: meaning?
Rhete: I am a pinapple
Mike: sweet
Rhete: I cant spell though
Mike: drat
Mike: altavista says its right
Rhete: really?
Mike: yep
Rhete: I totally guessed on anana
Mike: woooo!
Rhete: and I guessed on pinapple
Mike: lol
Rhete: i need pinapple
Rhete: to make me bleed
Mike: wooo!
Mike: blood!
Mike: and sex
Rhete: wooooooooo!
Mike: oh yes!
Mike: that's it, astra
Mike: do me!
Rhete: lol
Mike: um
Mike: that was
Mike: a
Mike: joke
Mike: yeah
Rhete: thats why I laughed
Mike: oh ok
Mike: phew
Rhete: I am like the orgasm that sits beside the pencil sharpener
Mike: um
Rhete: whats that line again?
Mike: fire alarm
Rhete: ok
Rhete: I am like the fire alarm that sites beside the pinapple
Mike: ever notice something
Rhete: that I'm an idiot?
Mike: take a bowling oin
Mike: pin
Mike: light it on fire
Rhete: and stick up your ass?
Mike: take a penguin and make it bleed
Rhete: ^it
Mike: put the flame out on the pin
Rhete: penguins dont bleed
Mike: lol
Mike: you now have two identical things
Mike: both are white, red, and black
Mike: and they both.... wabble
Rhete: just like you if you don't shut up
Mike: exactly!
Rhete: dammit I need to write this english paper
Rhete: but I cantargh
Mike: lol
Mike: i know the feeling
Rhete: It has to be a 2nd draft
Rhete: but I dont want to change anything
Rhete: the teacher didnt even write anything on my first draft
Mike: woo
Rhete: all she did was underline "naked with apes" for no reason
Mike: lol
Rhete: and change the title from "friends" to "eat your friends"
Mike: liar
Rhete: doesn't she get it? YOu eat parents, not friends!
Mike: wtf
Rhete: btw the paper is about Matt killing himself
Rhete: its wicked funny
Mike: woo
Rhete: cuz she started crying when she read it
Mike: i need to see this
Rhete: no you dont
Mike: oh yes i do

Day 8
Mike: day 8 wasn't as funny as i hoped
Mike: not bad though
Rhete: what?
Mike: nwa
Mike: it was good
Rhete: day 8 isnt out yet idiot
Mike: yeah i know, i got matt to send me the file ahead of time
Rhete: lol
Rhete: Matt doesnt have it
Rhete: feel free to tell me what happens in day 8 though
Mike: yes he does
Mike: he sent it to me
Mike: stop being dumb
Mike: you honestly saying you didn't finish it yet?
Rhete: tell me what happens in it
Mike: did you finish the movie or not?
Rhete: obviously its not done! you didnt do your lines yet~!
Mike: yeah, i was wondering about that too. i thought the whole quacking kid thing was kinda odd
Rhete: liar
Rhete: there is no sound for him yet
Mike: it's the same as the duck mafia guy in 7
Mike: idiot
Rhete: lol omg
Mike: btw
Mike: your animation skills have dropped
Mike: you're getting lazy again bushie
Rhete: lol
Rhete: Can you send me what Matt made?
Mike: why did you only send it to matt?
Rhete: Cuz I didnt make it
Rhete: Matt has flash too
Mike: !
Mike: you're right
Mike: like on the nightmare movie he made
Mike: and the truck thing
Mike: with just music
Rhete: can you send matts day 8 to me?
Mike: ha! he must've made an nwa
Mike: you alredy have it
Rhete: no i dont
Mike: he said he got it from you
Rhete: he lied, he made it himself
Mike: Mike man kicking lame stupid asshole barubary
Rhete: lol
Mike: who does astra's voice?
Rhete: Ether
Rhete: Astra doesnt have anylines til day 9 though
Mike: she's in fucking 8
Rhete: goddamit
Mike: fuck you, matt doesn't have the much free time
Mike: it was like 4 minutes long
Mike: he sucks at flash
Mike: stop being a bitch
Rhete: fucking tell me what happens in it then
Mike: it picks up after the 11 hours of sex...
Mike: everyone's tired and they go find mentoz in a dumpster
Rhete: hahaha
Rhete: fucking send it!
Mike: then the little kid comes over again and he's making duck voices cuz i'm a lazy shit
Mike: astra escapes from area 51 and kills the little kid (burns him to the bones)
Rhete: Send it to me
Mike: and his brother
Mike: "i hope nothing else goes wrong"
Mike: and uh
Mike: they steal a plain cuz they use all the money to pay bmc's bail for public nudity
Rhete: lol omg
Mike: fuck you
Rhete: Matt must've done his own voices
Rhete: I swear to god I'm not lying
Mike: matt sucks at flash
Rhete: I'll put the real day 8 up now
Mike: with duck voices again?
Rhete: IDIOT! I DIDNT MAKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike: agh
Mike: maybe that stalker guy made it
Rhete: Matt made it
Mike: fine
Rhete: I'm uploading it now
Rhete: Its day 7 & 8 though
Rhete: Can you send me the one Matt made?
Mike: so is kid a a mute or something?
Mike: i can't send it now
Mike: i'm on the wrong computer
Rhete: ok
Mike: it's on the upstairs one
Rhete: I'm uploading my unfinished one now, its going to be at /78.html
Rhete: that pages doesnt exist yet though
Mike: k

*At this point my connection goes boom*

Rhete: gah
Rhete: upload got cutoff
Rhete: let me take out day 7 and put it up
Mike: k
Rhete: man, you must be really dumb to fall for something matt made
Mike: man, you must be really dumb to believe that movie exists
Rhete: heh
Rhete: you idiot
Rhete: your supposed to say that after I put day 8 up
Mike: oops

Fun story
Brian: so we're at mcdonalds, outside, eating food
Brian: and this is a fancy smancy mcdonalds, so it's all nice
Brian: and one of the matts notices that these two girls keep looking at us through the window
Brian: and they don't stop
Brian: like they glance at us repeatedly
Brian: and they so know that we're just waiting there for them
Brian: so i fool around a lot
Brian: cuz i'm not trying to impress anyone
Brian: and i walk away several times, pretending to have just had a fight with matt russel
Brian: and then i grab the camera and pretend to take pictures, with Mike in the center, but you can see those girls in the bg
Brian: and i never end up taking a pic, because matt russel knocks it out of my hand
Brian: so then they get up
Brian: and i tell everyone to follow me
Brian: and i go to the opposite side of the outside area, and they go out
Brian: wait
Brian: and then go around the corner
Brian: so we immediately decide to follow them
Brian: but we have to go to the parking lot on the opposite side of the trafficy road
Brian: so we do
Brian: and then, when we come back, the girls had obviously been waiting for us, because they had not gotten far at all
Brian: so we keep following them
Brian: and then they stop, and look at some paper or something
Brian: and just before we pass them, they start walkign again
Brian: they are definately teasing us
Brian: so we follow them until they get to this ticket window or something that they work at
Brian: and we stand on a dock about 20 feet away, and they keep peering out through the window at us
Brian: after a while, matt russel goes over to them with Mike and matt
Brian: no wait
Brian: before that
Brian: i decide to walk by them, in hopes that Mike and the matts will follow me
Brian: but they don't
Brian: and i don't realize this until i've gone about 100 feet
Brian: so i turn arond
Brian: and as i walk by the ticket booth thing
Brian: i pick up some trash and put it in the barrel on the side of the road
Brian: and then walk back
Brian: finally, matt russel goes over there with Mike and matt
Brian: and matt russel says something like "We aren't stalking you, if that's what you were thinking"
Brian: and one smiles, and the other is like "No, we didn't think that"
Brian: and so they come back
Brian: and that was that
Brian: i insist that we go back and try again, but matt russel will not have it
Brian: thus ends the stalking story
Brian: wow
Brian: that's quite a story

Another day
Mike: god shit damn fuck boob ass balls bum shit fuck anus crap
Rhete: another typical day for Mike
Mike: and how
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Mike signed off at 9:58:08 PM.

Rhete: burn the what?
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: eat your what?
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: beat up the what?
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: werd dat
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: fuckers
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: Mike has sex with what?
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: nice
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: Its like come on, someone teach this kid a new word
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: yeah we get it
Mike: fuckers
Rhete: whatever

Rhete: hey genius, your otaku quiz doesnt even have the answers
Doug: yeah it does
Rhete: where?
Doug: under the questions
Rhete: ok, let me start over
Doug: no
Rhete: hey genius, your otaku quiz doesnt even have a correct answers section
Doug signed off at 9:24:10 PM.

Random bitch
Rhete: Mike sure is a loser huh?
paml9: who the fuck are you
Rhete: ^_^
Rhete: You've got spunk
Rhete: are you ignoring me? :-(
paml9: yep
Rhete: liar
Rhete: hehe, I'm sorry *hug*
paml9: eh no hug
Rhete: aww
Rhete: everybody needs a hug sometime
Rhete: *huuuuuuuuuuuuug*
paml9: what a loser
Rhete: yeah =/
paml9: u have a jpic
Rhete: I do? uhoh
paml9: whats with the icon
paml9: it makes me think your some kind of freak
paml9: bye im blockin yout
Rhete: thats cuz I am
Rhete: bye
paml9 signed off at 8:52:28 PM.

Steph: Yo
Rhete: where are my pants?
Steph: In the Hall way
Rhete: crud
Steph: what?
Rhete: I can't walk out there without pants on
Steph: Shorts?
Rhete: I don't have any shorts
Steph: okay
Steph: you are screwed man
Rhete: yep
Steph: What are you going to do about it?
Rhete: Stay in my room
Rhete: and cry
Steph: Oh
Steph: that sucks
Steph: bye
Rhete: what?
Steph: You dont have much to say so I am going to sign off.
Rhete: can you get my pants?
Steph: Did you really lose your pants?
Rhete: Yes!
Steph: Because I dont believe you
Rhete: Oh wait
Steph: You are lying
Rhete: I found them
Rhete: I'm wearing them
Steph: Jack ass
Rhete: Then whos pants are in the hall?
Steph: you need to by new pants
Rhete: Who let the pants out!
Steph: Mr. Anderson's
Rhete: k
Steph: Bye

Mike and Wata get it on
watashiwa (4:47:38 PM): hey there... a/s/l?
watashiwa (4:47:43 PM): wanna cyber?
SxyOmar (4:47:45 PM): 25/m/mo
watashiwa (4:48:06 PM): Now answer my second question before I get really angry.
SxyOmar (4:48:09 PM): lol, you must be talking to that new hampshire chick
watashiwa (4:48:22 PM): What New Hampshire chick?
watashiwa (4:48:27 PM): What ever are you talking about?
SxyOmar (4:48:35 PM): Astra
SxyOmar (4:49:04 PM): is she hot?
watashiwa (4:49:14 PM): Who the fuck is that? I'm just IMing you because you have a really hot screen name. It turns me on. Now do you want to cyber or not?
SxyOmar (4:49:27 PM): i dunno... a/s/l?
watashiwa (4:49:59 PM): Does all that information really matter? Now let me hold you in my arms.
watashiwa (4:50:16 PM): You like that?
SxyOmar (4:50:17 PM): are you a chick or a dude? watashiwa (4:50:41 PM): How do my arms feel wrapped around you, honey?
SxyOmar (4:50:49 PM): what? you'd best not be some weird faggot
SxyOmar (4:50:57 PM): don't call me that
SxyOmar (4:51:06 PM): what the fuck is wrong with you?
watashiwa (4:51:37 PM): Hey, no need for the words. *strokes SxyOmar's hair lovingly* Now, sweetheart. Shall I smother you with sweet kisses?
SxyOmar (4:51:58 PM): no, you faggot
SxyOmar (4:52:01 PM): go away
watashiwa (4:52:32 PM): Aww. Don't IM my friends out of the blue, sugarlips. They don't wanna cyber with a geek like you. But I'll cyber with you. ^_^ *kisses SxyOmar passionately on the lips*
SxyOmar (4:52:56 PM): i didn't im your friend
SxyOmar (4:53:07 PM): and what the hell is ^_^?
watashiwa (4:53:30 PM): Oh? You didn't? You didn't IM Astra first? Lying dog. All men are dogs. *fondles SxyOmar's genitals*
watashiwa (4:53:52 PM): I bet you like to be treated like a piece of meat, eh?
SxyOmar (4:53:52 PM): i thought you said you didn't know her
SxyOmar (4:54:05 PM): ah
SxyOmar (4:54:05 PM): no
watashiwa (4:54:20 PM): I might have. Don't play dumb with me right now. Now come here and give me a kiss, babe. ^_^
SxyOmar (4:54:51 PM): what the fuck is with you?
SxyOmar (4:55:02 PM): are you a guy?
watashiwa (4:55:17 PM): What do you mean? You were looking to cyber and I'm giving you what you wanted. Aren't you happy? *slips SxyOmar the tongue*
SxyOmar (4:55:44 PM): i'm not happy
SxyOmar (4:55:53 PM): i don't like to cyber with men
SxyOmar (4:55:55 PM): like you
SxyOmar (4:55:58 PM): so go die somewhere
watashiwa (4:56:11 PM): How do you know I am a guy?
watashiwa (4:56:19 PM): Or are you just assuming, like all men do.
SxyOmar (4:56:26 PM): because you haven't said otherwise
watashiwa (4:56:37 PM): Do I have to? *caresses SxyOmar's lovable ears*
watashiwa (4:56:41 PM): You're so cute when you're angry.
SxyOmar (4:56:48 PM): fuck you
SxyOmar (4:57:16 PM): there's a nice 20% warn for you
SxyOmar (4:57:22 PM): 35 for me? bitch

The greatest thing ever
Mike: dood
Mike: yesterday
Mike: brian called his brother timmy a cocksucker wicked loud in front of his mom
Rhete: nice
Rhete: I'm rotflmfpdama
Mike: tim came over to brian with a shirt or something and said "stop putting this in my room!!" and brian yelled at him "I DIDN'T PUT IT THERE YOU COCKSUCKER!!!!"
Mike: greatest thing ever
Rhete: shit
Rhete: I'm going to be laughing for like 20 minutes now
Mike: i did
Mike: couldn't stop
Mike: he called his 13 year old brother a COCKSUCKER
Mike: hahahhahah

An i vs pi joke
Mike: oh yessssss
Mike: that's it
Mike: yessssssss
Mike: do me!
Mike: now!
Mike: fuck you, you damn hat!
Mike: ahem
Mike signed off at 8:53:34 PM.
Mike signed on at 8:54:22 PM.

Rhete: wb
Mike: what>
Rhete: nothing
Rhete: i was just talking to your sister

Drunk like a fox
Jazzy: I shoud ban smappe
Jazzy: while drunk
Jazzy: aahaha
Jazzy: snapple
Jazzy: fuckin cat
Rhete: whoa
Rhete: are you really really drunk?
Jazzy: yhm yeah
Rhete: nice
Jazzy: tanks
Rhete: wow =P
Jazzy: wow?
Rhete: I've never seen you drunk
Jazzy: yesah you ahve

No Comment
Brian: so last night
Brian: i was fooling around with my stuffed gorilla
Brian: see, it's like a 3 foot gorilla stuffed animal thingy, right?
Brian: so i take his hand, with his thumb sticking up
Brian: and put it at his crotch so it looks like a penis
Brian: and then to my little brothers amusment, i pretend to love that gorilla
Brian: wahoo
Brian: i had a lot of mountain dew
Rhete: dude
Rhete: you're psycho
Brian: the weird thing is that that's true
Brian: wahoo
Rhete: so your little brother watched you give a stuffed gorilla a blowjob?
Brian: sorta
Brian: joe saw too
Brian: i didn't actually suck on it
Brian: just put it in my mouth
Rhete: what did joe say?
Brian: i dunno

Astra and Joe
Joe: why yes i idid
Astra: Hey I'm Joe... Junior at UNH majoring in Civil Engineering...I work at Westville...and THAT'S ABOUT IT
Astra: I love the Uppercase letters at the end
Astra: It emphasizes how much you hate your life
Joe: yes, true...very true
Astra: true, true
Joe: you know what's worse?
Astra: what?
Joe: whats the WORST possible thing you can overhear the girl you like saying
Astra: hmmm
Astra: that you like them?
Astra: Dur my idiot read it wrong
Astra: Her talking about the many guys shes banged?
Astra: In the last week?
Joe: yes
Astra: why did that happen to you?

Auto response from Joe: I am away from my computer right now.

Astra: well, then, I guess I was right...
Astra: well Joe, look on the bright side...
Astra: At least now you know she's easy!
Astra: Just go up to her and be like, "Hey babe, is your schedule full yet?"
Astra: Or maybe, "Hey, I'm sure you've done worse than me..."
Joe: hmmmmm no
Astra: awww
Astra: have you ever talked to her?
Joe: haha how was music awards
Astra: haha? thats means no right?
Joe: yeah we talk we're friends,
Astra: ah your screwed
Astra: you're friends with her, you'll never do it
Joe: yeah

New Years Joe
Joe: it keeps on gettting fucking worse and fucking worse
Rhete: lol
Rhete: downward spiral
Joe: dude; that girl heather calls me
Joe: wants me to come over and hang out with her; buti'm WAY too fucking sick
Joe: she gets all pissed at me and calls me a jerk and tells me she'll talk to me in 10 years
Rhete: nice
Rhete: I never liked her
Joe: she's just being a bitch to me for some reason
Rhete: cuz shes a girl

Auto response from Joe (10:11:07 PM): well; at least its an appropriate way to end the worst fucking year of my life; me sick in bed and my best friend pissed at me because she doesn't believe that pneomnuia is a good enough reason not to get out of bed and go over her house; man i wish this year would just END NOW!!!

More Angry Joe
Joe: why am i cursed
Rhete: u r joe
Joe: i went out to lunch with 3 girls today
Joe: heather, abby vickery and katrina barry
Rhete: damn you
Rhete: whats so cursed about that?
Joe: 3 very cute girls, all wiht boyfriends, sitting there talking about how their on the pill and how their parents don't know their having sex with me sitting there "why wouldn't i die?"
Rhete: goddamit
Rhete: that sux
Joe: jesus chris
Joe: i just figured out something
Joe: she is obsessed with the # 26
Joe: like the end of her screename has a 26 on it
Joe: i just figured out the signfigance......
Rhete: who is?
Joe: thats the day she had sex with her bf the first time
Rhete: well dont you feel special
Joe: if i was her boyfriend
Joe: damn you brain
Joe: why do you have to be so smart and figure out these things
Rhete: lol
Joe: oh shit
Rhete: what
Joe: now i'm going over heathers house with that same girl for "movie night"
Rhete: what same girl?
Joe: the two i went out to lunch with
Rhete: have fun
Rhete: what movie?
Rhete: maybe it'll be a homemade one
Joe: lol
Joe: Lol

Joes Plan
Astra: So, planning on having lots of sex back at UNH?
Joe: hell yea
Astra: lol
Astra: Who are you going to go after first?
Joe: hmmmm
Astra: Someone that doesn't know you would be good
Joe: jeneessa
Astra: Does she think you're gay?
Joe: i don't think so
Astra: Will she even remember you?
Joe: ooooooooooo yea
Joe: i saw her in walmart a couple weeks ago
Joe: defn remembered me
Astra: Y? Did she run away?
Joe: sprayed me with mace
Astra: Ouch
Astra: So how are going to make her sleep with you after that?
Joe: a spell
Astra: Hmm
Astra: Thats your most logical plan yet
Joe: i know
Astra: So what kind of spell?
Astra: Do you know how to cast a love spell?
Joe: no
Joe: but
Joe: that's what the internet was invented for
Joe: to get laid.
Astra: The internet was invented for an easy way for losers who can't get laid to send each other porn
Astra: But casting a love spell can't be harder than calculus though :-)
Joe: oh shit
Joe: we're screwed
Astra: No, you're not screwed, thats the whole problem
Joe: true

The Truth
Joe: guess what i bought
Rhete: porn
Joe: no
Rhete: do I still have to guess?
Joe: no
Rhete: what did you buy?
Joe: a domain
Joe: and webhosting
Rhete: ?
Joe: nope
Rhete: damn
Rhete: do I still have to guess?
Joe: no
Rhete: what domain did you buy?
Rhete: wtf
Rhete: thats a really gay domain
Joe: yup
Rhete: btw, thats a really gay icon you've got there too
Joe: well, i'm a really gay person
Rhete: *click save*

Mike begged me to put this up
Mike: great news!
Joe: you died!?!
Mike: i finally got another girlfriend
Mike: met her at the beach
Joe: what do you want a freaking award?
Mike: wouldn't hurt
Mike: beach is a good place to go for girlfriends
Mike: you should try there
Joe: you know what you should try?
Mike: suicide right?
Joe: well no, i was going to say keeping your mouth shut, but suicide would work for me
Mike: lol
Mike: so how was your day, joe?
Joe signed off at 9:23:29 Noon+.

Cool dude
Joe: home on a sat night huh
Rhete: duh
Joe: awww c'mon i see you as a frat kinda guyu
Rhete: If I'm this normally, I dont want to know what I'd be like drunk/high
Joe: true.
Joe: well you know what today marks?
Rhete: hmm
Rhete: nope
Joe: the rebirth of joe
Rhete: ok...
Joe: where i will no longer be known as "KING of the dorks"
Joe: but joe cool
Rhete: no no, you're Cool Dude
Joe: lol
Joe: no, no i'm not
Rhete: yes you are