July 27th 2017

A very silly mini game!

January 4th 2016

The bits have been kidnapped and itís up to you to save them! Navigate seemingly impossible levels by using your ability to phaze through bullets and other obstacles in this cute yet challenging platformer!

February 14th 2013

The arcade classic finally comes home!

Pilot two ships at once as you take on thousands of enemies! Arcade mode has you traveling across eight unique stages, each with their own boss. You can also test your skills in the never ending high-score mode.

CONTROLS: A and S to move the blue ship, and Mouse to move the green one. You can also change to "keyboard only" mode on the title screen to control the green ship with arrow keys.

November 6th 2011

This was my first time really setting out to make a ďpureĒ game that focused entirely on gameplay with no hints of story whatsoever. I think it succeeds at that, while still being recognizable as a game I made with its crazy bullet patterns and super saturated, colorful backgrounds.

March 29th 2011

Hunters: Relic of Stars is a 2D Action Platformer, a love letter to many old school action games of the 8 and 16 bit eras. A massive project that was three years in the making featuring six huge and diverse stages and like a billion bosses... go play it!

April 1st 2002

So this is my oldest "game". I use the term useless because itís really just a handful of arrows that you click on that either advance the movie or give you a fail state. I would have removed this from the site if not for the fact that I actually made a sequel a few years later, and because this started the trend of me making really dumb movies every April Fools' Day for a while.

But because this is an April Fools' day joke, you should know whatís coming, so basically donít actually play this. I still keep it around because we all have to start somewhere.