Hunters: Relic of Stars

Genre: Run and Gun Platformer
A massive game three years in the making... go play it!

Super Xalaxer

Genre: Shoot Em Up
The sequel to Xalaxer, now with stages, bosses, and even crazier action!

Polly Clicker

Genre: Role Playing Game
Click your way through a hundred familiar foes in this exciting RPG!

Bullet Phaze

Genre: Platformer
Navigate your way through hundreds of bullets in this challenging platformer!

Bullet Maze

Genre: Mouse Maze
Ikaruga meets Mouse Maze in this ultra hard reaction game.

Super Press Space to Win Action RPG 2009

Genre: Role Playing Game
A revolutionary in-depth role playing game.

We Are Golden

Genre: Shoot Em Up
Guide Soola and Pum through a world of fish, tetromino pirates, and giant eyes!


Genre: Arcade Shoot Em Up
A extremely fast paced shooter where you control two ships at once!

Project Inthri 3

Genre: Shoot Em Up
The latest entry in the series, now with full voice acting and two player action!

Project Inthri 2

Genre: Shoot Em Up
The much improved sequel, with multiple weapon power-ups and tons of bosses!

Project Inthri

Genre: Shoot Em Up
My first shooter, which is very dated and rough around edges.

Wade vs The Star Syndicate

Genre: Platform/Shooting
A spinoff from MikeMan Dash, defend the Newgrounds Portal from spam!

MikeMan Dash

Genre: Platformer
A short game that was planned to be much longer, but never got finished finished.

Adventures of MikeMan 2

Genre: Platformer
My first proper game, take control of MikeMan and save the world!

Type Em Up

Genre: Typing Game
Press the correct keys to shoot at enemies, and type your way to victory!


Genre: Japanese Typing Game
A game that can help you learn basic Japanese hiragana and katakana.

Ether's Erotic Adventure

Genre: Choose your own Adventure
A dark adventure game where Vex tries to get some action at any cost.

Cock Block

Genre: Miscellaneous
The cocks are coming! Can you grab them all?

Kock Kombat

Genre: Fighting
Mortal Kombat, but with cocks. So exactly the same.


Genre: Fighting
Get bopped in this one button fighting game! (Parody of DiveKick)

Polly's Awesome Fartgun Adventure

Genre: Action
Polly gets the best birthday present ever!

The Awesome Adventures of Polly

Genre: Platformer
Polly finds herself trapped in a tech demo!

The MarkMan Game

Genre: Shoot Em Up
It's Project Inthri 2, but gone totally crazy!

Fat Kakashi's Coin Flipping Sim 2012

Genre: Casino
The name speaks for itself

Carina Dress Up

Genre: Dress Up
The emo girl generator

Phongi Star Universe

Genre: RPG
An unfinished RPG I was making for a forum. Inside jokes everywhere.

Astra's Erotic Adventure

Genre: Dating Simulator
April Fools Joke. You've been warned.