Welcome to first chapter in the history of i, a detailing of various aspects of my flash movies that have never really been public knowledge. This first chapter details the history of Inthri, a fictional solar system that was the focus of nearly every story or drawing I wrote in school. It would later go on to be the setting of the Project Inthri games, and a major influence on the cast of i vs pi

Around 1992, in fourth grade, I drew character named Lance. It was for some school project about Mercury

A year later, in fifth grade. I wrote a story, titled...
"The Adventure of the Space Adventurer" Yeah yeah, I know. This marked the first true appearence of Lance, his sister Rydia (named after Rydia from Final Fantasy II) and the planet Ingnoid. The Inthri Solar System (though it wasn't called that back then) had been born

The story was about a boy named Lance, who defends Ingnoid against aliens from the planet Nu (which would soon be renamed Vontrin)

I believe it was in seventh grade, around 1995, that I wrote the second story in the series. This one took place on the moon of Ingnoid, named Nich. However I do not have this story, so my memories are very fuzzy about it.

Next year, I wrote the third story. This one changes things up a bit, by introducing two new characters at the very start named FX and Astra. Their story was that they came from another, nearby Solar System, to Ingnoid searching for some mysterious power

Later in the story, more characters from the nearby solar system are introduced, Bobby, Roch, and Ether. Now, with so many characters being shoved into a very short story written by a 13 year old, needless to say, character development was pretty much nonexistant. However, with the character names existing in my head, I already had visualized these characters, even if I was unable to properly portray them in the story

Later in 8th grade, I wrote the fourth and final short story in the series. This one introduced only one new character, Vex. An evil robot designer, Vex starts the story by attacking Condroth (which was at the time called Arcon) with four giant, animal shaped mechs. This idea would later be used in Project Inthri, with a giant crab attacking the same city

Later in the story, I essentially perform my first Retcon. Vex activates a magnet of well, unimaginable strength, and pulls the two solar systems together, creating a single one. Don't think about it too much. Doing this brings the solar system very close to its eventually final version

The final version of the Solar System, as seen in Project Inthri 2. Zud and Zed were merged to become Ricksha (yellow, bottom left), Qwerty was renamed Quarton, Grad and Nich vanished, and Zickou became Eviak.

So you may be wondering, what brought about the creation of a final version? Well in 9th grade, around 1997, I began working on a novel version of the story, called Inconsequential Existence. It restarted the series, and completely erased all the previous stories, though used most of the old cast, and introduced many new characters, such as Leargo, Nemor, Trinoka and XS

I worked on the book for about three years, never finishing it, because I kept rewriting many parts over and over, thinking of either new ways to have certain events happen, or writing characters out of the story entirely. In late 2000 I lost the text file for the book, though I did have a few copies of it printed out, I had no plans to finish it, at least not in book form

By that time, I had discovered flash, and had already made a few movies, including Heidi and Jennie, and Magical Realism. I had found a new hobby to replace writing, something that was much easier to share with the world, and could convey a much more "complete" experience than just text could.

However, the characters I had spent the last several years developing were very important to me, and I did not wish to see them abandoned, but rather brought into this new medium. Ether was the first to make the leap, first appearing briefly as a cameo character in Heidi and Jennie, then with a speaking role, then as a main character in Magical Realism. She'd soon go on to be a major character in i vs pi and Naked with Apes as well. Characters from Inthri had begun to appear in my flash movies, and more would soon follow

To clarify much of the confusion coming up though, I should go over a brief summary of the book, as a lot of this information is referenced in i vs pi, but never directly stated. Heres an extremely abridged version of the first third or so of the book

The Inthri Timeline

- Leargo is a scientist living on Eviak. He creates several humanoid robots, FX, XS, and Ether.
- Leargo is also insane and very evil, and begins mass producing robots, with the plan to take over the entire world
- About a year later, Astra finds out about him, and decides to stop him
- She tricks Leargo into think she's on his side, and joins his army. She also falls in love with FX, causing Ether to hate her
- Astra kills Leargo, enraging XS, who believed in his evil plans
- Astra, FX, and Ether flee the planet on a spaceship, but XS follows them, and damages it just as it leaves orbit
- Everyone gets into different escape pods and escape from the ship. Astra and FX land on Condroth, and Ether lands on Vontrin

This is where the events that are relevant for right now end. Eventually the three all meet up again, and head off a military attack led by Vontrin. This story was told in Project Inthri 1. One year later, war breaks out between Ingnoid and Eviak, and FX is hired to stop them. This is the story of Project Inthri 2. Ethers Erotic Adventure takes place sometime after that, but for continuity sakes, lets just say that the true ending is the one where FX tells you to fuck off and walks away. A short time later, Nemor attacks again in Project Inthri 3

So those four movies are the only ones right now that take place in the "true" universe, one directly based upon the book. So what about the rest of my movies? Well, we'll get to them in the next chapter, but first, heres some drawings I did in 7th or 8th grade art class.
My first drawing of Planet Condroth. The assignment was to draw a futuristic city, something right up my alley! So I did just as they said and drew a city, being attacked by hundreds of Nu ships. This picture would later go on to be a major inspiration for the first Project Inthri

The same city, redrawn for Project Inthri 3

Ingnoid. A picture similar to the first one, though I dont like this one as much since theres not as much going on. The class assignment for this one was to draw a city in 3-D perspective. I pretty much ignored that part huh?

Vontrin. I never finished coloring this one, which probably means that it wasnt for any specific assignment. This picture is pretty much stage 4 of Project Inthri to a T, to the water, clouds, and even lightning. A lot of the player ship designs were influenced by this one as well.

Another thing to notice, in the solar system in the background Zud and Zed are present, and not Ricksha. Things hadn't quite reached their final state at this point

After existing for many years, some new locations finally got some play in Project Inthri 3. First was planet Ricksha, complete with ruins and dragons.

And the "moon" of ingnoid, Nich also appeared, but was called an asteroid instead.

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