So now that we've gone over Inthri, what about the rest of my movies? Well, they take place in an alternate universe, refered to as the i vs pi universe. It starts out similarly to Inthri, but a few key incidents change things drastically. Now, a lot of this history is literally being made up as I write it, to fill many of the plotholes caused by i vs pi 100 and 150, but it does a really good job at fixing them up. If something still seems wrong, a wizard named Rhete did it

The i vs pi Timeline

- Leargo is a scientist living on Eviak. He creates several humanoid robots, FX, XS, and Ether.
- Leargo is also insane and very evil, and begins mass producing robots, with the plan to take over the entire world
- About a year later, Astra finds out about him, and decides to stop him
- She tricks Leargo into think she's on his side, and joins his army. She also falls in love with FX, causing Ether to hate her
- Leargo begins working on his greatest creation yet, Seven
- Astra attacks Leargo, enraging XS, who believed in his evil plans
- Astra, FX, and Ether flee the planet on a spaceship, but XS follows them, and damages it just as it leaves orbit
- Leargo, badly injured from Astras attack, does not die
- Astra lands on the planet Ragol. Ether lands on the planet Earth. FX is never seen again
- Ether meets Rhete, and begins living with him under the pretense of being his sister
- Meanwhile on Ragol, Astra loses her memory from the crash, and begins living with the people of Pioneer 2
- She cuts her hair, and trains in elemenal magic, forgetting that she once had great power as a psychic mage
- Astra helps defeat Dark Falz, then a few months later marries IceBlink
- Back in Inthri, Vontrin attacks Ingnoid, however with FX, Ether, and Astra gone, there are no heroes left to stop them
- Eventually, Vontrin teams up with Leargo and take over Ingnoid and Condroth, conquering the solar system
- Back on Earth, Ether and Rhete are having wacky adventures in high school. This is when the flash movies start

The following is not a list of my movies in the order they were made, but a list of when they happen in the timeline

April 1998 - Joes Life Episode 2. Joe is a senior in high school, Rhete is a freshman

August 1999 - Joes Life Episode 3. After a year in community college, Joe goes to UNH and meets the Math Nazis

September 1999 though April 2000. The following movies take place in this time period
- Rhetes Adventures in School
- Heidi and Jennie 1 though 4
- Magical Realism

July 2000 - Joes Life Episode 1. Joe gets back from college

November 2000 - Rhete Makes a movie called Naked With Apes, but it doesn't get finished. He gets a girl named Esther to play Ether in the movie

December 2000 - i vs pi episodes 9 though 12, the flashback of how everyone became pirates. Ether is nowhere to be seen, but Esther is present with Rhete

January 2001 - i vs pi begins. Specific dates become irrelevant after this

i vs pi 18 - Ether reappears, and tells Esther to go home

i vs pi 23 - Mario uses his power, and summons Astra from Ragol. Ether is confused by this, because this girl reminds her of the Astra she knew and hated many years ago. As the episodes go on, she begins attacking and provoking Astra for no reason at all

The Adventures of Mikeman - Mike has an adventure of his own while the others are off filming naked with apes (ep 35 though 38)

i vs pi 50 - Under intense stress from the embarrassment and torture Ether is causing her, Astra subconsciously releases all of her power to fight with Ether. This energy manifests itself in a seperate body, which resembles the original long hair Astra. PSO Astra walks off screen and is not seen for a year. For the rest of the series, Astra and PSO would swap places in the cast a few times, never appearing together for very long at all, and almost never interacting with each other

i vs pi 60 - Ethers younger sister, Seven arrives on Earth and meets up with the group. It is unknown how Seven reached earth or why, but the most likely reason is that she was not happy living under the current military state Vontrin has imposed on Inthri, so she ran away from home

i vs pi 78 - Seven tells Rhete that she wants to return home. She also says that it was him who brought her there. Oh fuck plothole lol

i vs pi 100 - The group arrives in Inthri. They are attacked by military forces for entering a restricted area. The attacks consist of both Vontrin ships, and human soliders inside the main ship. Doesn't this work well with the theory that Vontrin took over the solar system? :D

i vs pi 101 - The group lands on Eviak, outside Leargos base. Many of the other major villians happen to be standing outside

i vs pi 127 - Esther is elected president

The Adventures of Mikeman 2 - During the filler arc, MikeMan goes off and has another adventure of his own. In the ending of the game Esther is referred to as Miss President

i vs pi 150 - Astras power finally becomes too much for her, and she goes berserk. Ether eventually splits the two parts of her pyshche into seperate bodies, and PSO Astra defeats her evil side

i vs pi 155 - Astra, PSO Astra, and Astras are all present. Lol continuity
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