Ether was created sometime in 1994. She is named after the item Ether from the game Final Fantasy II. Her outfit is based on chinese dresses, aka, I stole it from Chun Li. Her hairstyle is based some girl in a magazine ad for the game Popful Mail who had a light blue bob cut, and I thought it was the most awesome thing ever

If you've ever seen any of my movies, you probably know who Ether is, because she's in nearly all of them. And if she isn't, then she's probably in the background in a cameo anyways. She is in more i vs pi episodes than any other character, edging out Rhete and even MikeMan

She was also the first character I revealed to the world, when I named my first Ultima Online character Ether, some time in 1999, immediately causing a lot of "Why are you playing a girl character?" crap from some of my friends

In Inthri, Ether starts a very depressed, sometimes suicidal, girl. She relaxes a bit later on, bringing her much closer to her i vs pi and PSO counterparts. Of my main characters, Ether is the most consistent in her personality, to where I don't really have any distinctions between them. This can be noted in i vs pi, where Astra and Seven have PSO versions of themselves, Ether does not. She always manages to be herself, no matter what game or movie I throw her into

The one thing you can always say without fail though, is that Ether hates Astra. Ether tends to be very calm and mellow, but put Astra near her, and she becomes childish and juvenile in her constant attacks and insults

I think this was the first drawing I ever did of Ether. The design for her outfit is there, but the colors are all wrong (and ugly as hell)

Another early drawing of Ether. Her outfit is a least blue now

A close up of Ethers face. My art would never really progress much past this

Finalized colors. Apparently Ether had a cape originally! I musta forgotten about that when I made the flash versions of her!

Ether in her very first appearence in Heidi and Jennie 1. That face looks a little familiar... Body could use a little work though

Ether from Magical Realism. This one didn't stick around long at all, she appeared once more in the Naked With Apes demo, but then got redrawn for the actual movie

Ether from Naked With Apes. I don't really like this one as she has this perpetual deer in the headlines look. Which worked for Naked With Apes, but doesn't feel like Ether at all. i vs pi would later retcon this character by saying "oh, that wasn't really Ether, it was a girl named Esther playing her in a movie"

Ahh, thats more like it. Although this Ether first appeared in i vs pi 15, she didn't get her true outfit until i vs pi 39

i vs pi 39 was also the first time "Esther" wore the Inthri outfit. It wasn't used very much though, since Esther was barely in i vs pi after episode 50

"Hunters" Ether, from the Fake Touhou 10 trailer. Still a work in progress. Her hair is a lot rounder than the previous Ethers, maybe thats what throws her look off
Here's some more random drawings that I liked. First up, its Ether kicking XS in the head
Some things never change
Stasis, Ether, Astra, and FX, with Vex and Circuit.
Ether fanart by Iceblink. I only wish I could draw half this good
PSO Ether (dreamcast), PSO Ether (gamecube) and PSU Ether

PSO didn't do anything to evolve the Ether character, but rather forced me to play characters that had some flaw. I mean seriously, elf ears? Goddamn
Ragnarok Online Ether

Ether has always felt much more comfortable to me in games with a medieval setting, she fits the knight stererotype very well. Although she was a hand to hand fighter in Inthri, she quickly adapted to using a sword in Ultima Online, then again in RO and WoW.
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