While the i vs pi page will tell you Astra and PSO Astra are the same person in one body, this page treats them as seperate characters

Astra #1 - Astra Luchia Earth
Astra, like most of my characters was created around 1994. She was based off a character of the same name from the game Air Zonk, a small robot who attacked enemies by throwing astrological signs at them. Since this character also held a crystal ball, it most likely influenced the creation of Astras psychic powers

Her design is almost completely... borrowed... from the Character Lucia in Lunar 2. Long flowing hair, and a large red cape that covers her entire body most of the time. Further worse is that I decided to make Astras middle name Luchia, which is a whole one letter off from Lucia
Some early drawings of Astra, showing the various aspects of her outfit. Something I thought when looking at the larger pictures was that she didn't look evil at all, but rather kind and happy. I then realized that in her original form, Astra wasn't evil whatsoever

In the original series, Astra was almost the complete opposite of what she would later become in i vs pi. Righteous, kind, and very noble in her cause, Astra was given the mission of destroying a great evil that would attack the solar system, and she would do anything to complete this task

Her main abilities were the ability to read someones thoughts, and to see someones destiny. When she first met FX, she immediately saw that it was her destiny to be with him, so she starting acting as if she was his girlfriend. FX however, was currently with Ether, who Astra completely disregarded as a non rival, and didn't even treat as a person

This is how Astra got the "bitch slut whore" reputation, first coined by Matt, an obviously an Ether fan. In the end Astra backed off and continued to tease Ether and FX about their relationship, but it was Ether who was unable to let go of the grudge and hate Astra continuously

Astra would take on the role of leader later in the series, being the one to organize and lead the counter attack against Vontrin. Her will and determination were unmatched by anyone
Astras first flash movie appearence was actualy in "IE the RPG" which was made in January 2001. Her second appearence would be a very brief cameo in Naked With Apes Day 6, in Area 51. This version of Astra would also appear in the two Erotic Adventure games, and the great i character battle

Astra first appeared in i vs pi in episode 50. To distinguish herself from PSO Astra who had been appearing previously, Astra attacks Ether immediately, first taking a camera from her, then smashing it. Matt runs out and calls her a bitch slut whore. This scene would set the course for Astra for the rest of the series

With no FX around, and no evil force to destroy, Astra became relegated to a joke character whos only role was to hate Ether and tease Matt. And thats basically all she did for the next 100 episodes. Her powers also changed somewhat from the Inthri version, she lost the ability to see someones destiny, but gained the ability to manipulate objects without touching them. She was still able to read minds, but only does so a few times (ep 100 and 155)

In i vs pi 150, she took on a devil like appearence, marking the complete turnaround of what she had once been. She had not defeated the evil, she had become it.
Now what about that girl with short hair?

Astra #2 - Astra Arcurie aka PSO Astra
Astra was first created in February 2001 as a character in the game Phantasy Star Online, PSO for short. I did not set out to make a new version of Astra originally, but was simply unable to create a decent likeness of her. FOnewearls were unable to have long hair without also wearing a jester hat, and such a thing was totally unacceptable to me, so I eventually went with the short hair model with the least stupid looking hat
PSO Astra first appeared in i vs pi 23, during the height of my PSO addiction. She didn't have any personality at first, only speaking in phrases you could select on the keyboard in the game. When she did begin to get a personality around episode 40, her main trait was that she was horny. Really, really, horny. An obvious parody of the other Astra, who got called a slut without ever sleeping with anyone, this one was earning her reputation. PSO Astra left the cast in episode 50, January of 2002, and I'd probably stopped playing PSO by that point

In November 2002, a new version of PSO was released on Gamecube, reviving my interest in the game. In February 2003, Astra would come back for a few episodes parodying PSO once again, but she soon leave the cast again.
In the summer of 2003, I was eagerly awaiting the release of a game that I'd later find out was fucking awful, Final Fantasy XI. However, I had a new dilema, opposite of my PSO one. My problem this time was that I liked the character designs, and had to decide on a Human girl designed to look like the other Astra, or a elf girl designed to look like PSO Astra. This conflict would later be parodied in i vs pi 114 (picture)

In the end I went with the elf girl, an event that saved PSO Astra from being lost in obscurity. Since then I've always based my characters in online games off of her, without any second thoughts
October 28th 2003, Final Fantasy XI is released in America, and Astra is reborn again, appearing in i vs pi 113 and 114

Astra gained orange hair in her FFXI form, but later in World of Warcraft she would have brown hair, and bright red hair in Guild Wars and PSU.

In games where I play an Astra, she always ends up being the frailest, glass cannon magic user type available. Thus in PSO she was a FOnewearl, in PSU a Fortetecher, in Guild Wars an Elemenalist, and in FFXI... well FFXI was the one exception. She started as a red mage, but by the time I'd quit she was a paladin. The one time I'd been forced to break character because of the rigid nature of a game.

In i vs pi 133, Astra finally ditched her PSO costume for one not based on anything at all. A sign she'd finally become her own character, and not just a video game parody.

Even though she doesn't really have much of a personality in i vs pi, I really like PSO Astra. Her creation was very unorthodox and she just seems to have a lot of untapped potential. Maybe someday if I finish Edina I can develop her the way I want to.

PSU Astra. She's hot

Astra fanart by IceBlink

Astra and Astra in their Hunters forms. PSO Astra appeared like this very briefly in the Hunters bonus material and in i vs pi 154. Astra hasnt ever used this form, the outfit doesn't exactly work with those proportions

Astra and Luchia in Edina
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