Seven was one of the last characters to be created. The first drawing of her was done in April 1997, while on a plane to Florida. I remember this specifically because I felt it was the best drawing I'd ever done

Seven is named as such for two reasons. The first one being from an episode of Seinfeld, where George wants to name his baby Seven, because it's the best name ever. I agreed with him, and decided to name a character Seven! The second reason is storyline based. For whatever reason when I first created him, FX was known as FX4. He's supposed to be fourth in a line of robots, but there currently are no 1 though 3, so this is a bit of a plothole! Anyways XS was FX #5, Ether was FX #6, and Seven was well, the seventh

In the Inthri timeline, Leargo died before finishing her, and she awoke a few years later when found by Nemor. She was given no proper name, but knew of her code ID of FX7, and began calling herself Seven

Since she unfinished, Inthri Seven is very unstable emotionally. She's a bit of a psychopath, very violent and reckless, and just flat out angry. Her character was never planned to appear in the original book, but rather a sequel or two later, so her personality never got developed much

This psycho version of Seven is quite opposite to her finished version that appears in i vs pi, who is probably the most level headed and normal person in the group. Seven is the only one aware that she's in a flash movie, and plays along with Rhetes games while trying to keep her sanity
Some other early drawings of Seven. Her hair kept getting worse every time I drew her, so for her i vs pi version I went back to the original picture. Her outfit though is based off the third picture, though I got rid of the horrible bare belly

Seven in i vs pi. Not much to really say about her...
Her scar moved to the other side of her face, I have no idea why

Seven in Project Inthri 2. I don't like how this one looks, the hair is just awful and she looks like a guy :(

Hunters style Seven. This is my favorite one by far, and of the characters I've redrawn in this style, I think she fits the best

Seven fanart by IceBlink

In PSO land, Seven took a route similar to Astra, and didnt end up looking like the original at all. This Seven ended up looking like she really was only seven

PSO Seven in i vs pi, a lazy trace job

FOmarl artwork colored by Layrinn to look like Seven

PSU Seven
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