And now heres a page for the lesser characters who have barely made it into any movies at all
XS is actually the human character I drew the most, probably because her hair is very simple. Her eyes were pretty easy as well, two tilted rectangles to make her look angry all of the time

Despite that I have a lot of drawings of her though, most of them are very rough sketches practicing different poses and are pretty bad. The best picture of her, on the right, for some reason wont scan well at all

XS is the first Indethi that Leargo made entirely himself, as FX is not actually his creation. XS is very loyal to her creator, even after his death. She wears a long brown jacket, which ironically, was very similar to one I owned at the time

XS in i vs pi, Project Inthri 2, and Project Inthri 3
Nemor is the current leader of Vontrin, and uhh, thats bout all there is to say about him. He's a jerk.

Nemor took a very long time to get to look just right in flash, appearing differently in every Inthri game, but I finally got him just right in the third game.

Like Astra, Nemors design is heavily... inspired... by a character from Lunar 2, Leo. The horn is directly lifted, as well as the markings on the side of his face. Nemors started out as simply a brown spot on the side of his face, then evolved into a scar which was slightly less lame.

Trinoka is a bit of a weird character. In the books, she is a pseudo science "clone of Astra and Ether mixed together" Designed to have both their strengths, she would be the ultimate warrior. But then I realized that didn't make any sense, since Ether doesnt have her own DNA, being a robot and a clone of FX. So its more accurate to describe Trinoka as what would happen if FX and Astra had a child

I'm not even sure what powers she actually has, as she was the least developed of any character, but that didn't stop me from drawing her a lot. She has an easy going and friendly attitude, and tries to get along with everyone. She could be said to be the Inthri version of PSO Astra, since they have a lot in common, and don't exist together in the same universe

In Project Inthri 2, she just shows up with no introduction as FXs navigator, then later helps you fight in stage 3. This is similar to her book appearence, when she just walks in on a meeting and no one knows who she is

Her original name was Trinoka, but at one time I was thinking of changing it to Trinity. Then a little movie called the Matrix came out, so uhh, yeah
I dont have any hand drawings of FX, besides a few group shots, like the one on Ethers page. Oh well, he's not very interesting anyways
Vex. He's very easy to draw. The only character of mine I can draw with any consistency even. He started out as a scribble I'd do in class, and ended up getting thrown into Inthri for the hell of it

He was originally going to be an evil genius who designed robots for Vontrin, but he ended up as just a nuisance joke character who bugs the main characters, mostly Astra

His flash apperances have taken this a step further, by turning him into someone obsessed with sleeping with all of the female characters *shudder*

This is Stasis. He hasn't appeared in any of my movies, and probably never will! He's only really notable for wearing the outfit that Ether in Naked With Apes would later wear

This is Trellis, Astra's older sister. Like her sister, she has psychic powers, though she isn't quite as powerful as Astra. She hasn't appeared in any of my flash movies, but she was mentioned in Project Inthri 2, as she is the current queen of Ingnoid

She will appear in Edina, but her design will probably be completely different

Zut. The Original leader of Vontrin, before he was killed and Nemor took over. He sort of "appears" in Project Inthri 1, but he's not even remotely close in design to this fellow

A group shot with nearly all of the characters. I like how the planets are drawn, and Nemor, and thats about it

The end!
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