163 - Phantasy Star Hero
Phantasy Star Zero comes out, and Rhete slips into his old habits.
Endless Seven - Seven is trapped in an infinite loop. Skip this one.

162 - Toki wo Kakeru Mikuru
Mike makes a game, about himself, called Mike's game.
The Adventures of Pat and i vs PI and Polly - It's talk like a pirate day!

161 - The Ether Mask
Astra disguises herself as Ether, which ends up having horrible, horrible consequences.
160 - Instant Rimshot
It's pretty much the best sound effect ever.
159 - Scientology
Ether joins the church of Scientology to find the root of their problems.
158 - Halloween
The gang tries to see who has the scariest halloween costume.
157 - Halo
Master Chief?
156 - Iversus no Naku Koro Pi Pie
One episode just wasn't enough, or was it?
155 - Iversus no Naku Koro Pi
It's a great big parody of Higurashi, with some Phantasy Star Universe bashing thrown in, literally!
154 - The big anime episode
Rhete finally updates his site... with something horrible.
153 - Boatlights
Ether starts a new website since Rhete never updates his.
152 - Obligatory May Update
Rhete doesn't update his site enough.
151 - Links to the Past
Rhete decides to start i vs pi again, then goes back in time to try and stop himself.

i vs pi - Series 1
The original 150 episode run of i vs pi!
Chapter 10 Part 3: 150
Astra attacks Tokyo.
Chapter 10 Part 2: We're in Japan
PSO Astra takes everyone to Japan so they can start a band.
Chapter 10 Part 1: We're on TV
Everyone goes to Hollywood, where Astra and Ether land a reality TV show based on their antics.
Chapter 9: Filler
Things get weird for a bit.

Update - MikeMan Guest Comic - Music Video - Ether Saga - Christmas Special

Chapter 8: Politics
Ether runs for president, but has competition from everyone.
Chapter 7: Mad Sweet Dude Guy
MikeMan gets a new car, Matt obtains the Triforce, and Rhete plays FFXI.
Chapter 6 Part 3: Episode 100
The exciting conclusion of the gangs space adventures in outer space.
Chapter 6 Part 2: Journey Through the Universe
Caught in a myriad of alternate universes, will the gang ever get things back to normal?
Chapter 6 Part 1: Journey Through Space
Seven wants to go home, so everyone heads into outer space!
Chapter 5: The End of Hell High
Everyone returns to school, but not for very long.
Chapter 4: The Hat Saga
A boat drives a car and gets into a deadly accident.
Chapter 3: Movie Madness
Naked with Apes is finished, and PSO Astra gets made fun of a lot.
Chapter 2: A Hero is Born
The gang heads into the video game mountains, and Mike gets set on fire.
Chapter 1: The Clone Wars
The story that started it all. Mike has a problem with Rhete's new boat.

Fan Movies
The George - By Sarah

The MarkMan Movie - By MV

D Kills Mike - By Polly

The Matt is Gay Special - By Polly

Mike vs Mike - By Glider

Nightmare2 - By Matt

Partay - By Matt