i vs pi
It started as a joke in early 2001, and ended up continuing for over 160 episodes.
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Naked With Apes
A huge 30 minute movie released in 2001 and voiced by all my high school friends.

A movie that was planned as being a full series, but only one episode ever got made.
Voiced by Lioncourt, Rina-Chan, and ShockDingo of the Voice Acting Club

Bonus Material - Production sketches, outtakes, and parodies

Another movie that was planned as being a full series, but only one episode ever got finished... my bad. Will continue this, someday!
Conqueror of Gensokyo
Made shortly before Touhou 10 was announced, Ether invades Gensokyo
Super Smash Sarah
You know what would've been cool? If Brawl had female characters
Project Inthri Trilogy
A parody of the E3 2008 Duke Nukem Trilogy trailer
FX Hates Inside Jokes
FX watches the above movie, and doesn't like it one bit
Project Inthri 64
Project Inthri 3 has nothing to do with Starfox dammit!
Forum Guy 3 Trailer
I'm a total asshole for making this, but I still find it funny, I'm sorry!
Michael Jackson News Network
24/7 coverage of your favorite dead celebrity.
Polly Points
Buy things, earn awesome prizes! Shop at SocksMart today!
Where Are My Legs Tribute
Where the hell are your legs?
Clock Day Funnies
My intentionally horrible attempt at making a Clock Crew movie.
Linkin Park Came to my House
Linkin Park tries to spice up my movies with their music
Sonic the Hedgehog Tribute
Rest in peace Sonic, we'll miss you.
The Rika Song
Possibly the best retarded idea ever. Only fans of Higurashi will sorta get this.
Ritsuko Akagi,
The Truth Is...

Huh, you liar

Music Videos
All songs by Frequency Meltdown
Jeremy Bush - A song about me!

Math Techno Rap - A song about math!

i vs pi - Live and edited to not such so much!

Hardcore Part 3 - Death. Pain. Hardcore song.

Go to Walmart - The name pretty much says it all

Magical Realism
A movie about a story about a conversation about a school project. It's also trippy.
The Adventures of MikeMan
MikeMan sets some children on fire. No really, that's actually the plot.

Trailer - A short trailer. I stole the idea from Mike

A man. A log. A legend.
The Monkey
Monkeys + French = Funny!
A bad attempt at a serious movie. Features Brian and Doug screaming rather loudly

Alternate versions: Silent Film and Dream

The Great i Character Battle
All the characters from my old movies in a battle royale

2002 Intro - 2010 Intro

Vex the Homicidal Bunny
I have lots of sound files of people screaming, how can I use them in a movie?

Vex and Slot
A short experiment in hand drawn animation
Joe vs The Spanish Kid
Joe gets an unwelcome visitor
Hidden Ether: At the first line, right click, then hit play seven times.
Joe vs Skittles
Joe gets tormented by everyone in school

Joe vs The Math Nazis
Joe gets kicked out of college
Hidden Ether: After meeting the first math teacher, click the word Grr...
Heidi and Jennie 1
This series is very old, from early 1999. Not my very first movies, but my first that weren't total shit
Hidden Ether: At the line "I love surprises!" simply wait a minute
Heidi and Jennie 2
A robot goes out of control, and it's up to Heidi OR Jennie to stop it, multiple ending style! This was also my first movie with sound
Heidi and Jennie 3
The pair meet some demons, and Rhete and Ether make their first appearances!
Heidi and Jennie 4
The final episode, all the villians return to wreck havoc!
Inconsequential Existence RPG
The first movie Astra ever appeared in, and she already hated Ether
Miffy Bunny
The Protector of Safe Sex
Duck Mafia
An important public service announcement
The Best Movie Ever
Things that are funny at 5am when you're 16
The Worst Movie Ever
Things that are never funny
Neon Genesis Wazzup
Slightly worse than the worst movie ever
Things made for socksmakepeoplesexy.net
SMPS version 3.0 - The future of web browsing
The Ume Song - Epilepsy warning, flashing colors. Song by Polly.
Rika Clock - Don't even ask
Interactive Talking Polly - Now you can talk with Polly!
Socksmart Online Chat - Now you can talk with Ether!

Miscellaneous Things: 2008-2011
What I think of The Good, The Bad, and The queen - A true story
Astra in Contra 4
Metroid Prime Trilogy - Parody gone too far
Umineko Boot to the Head - A pretty blatant ripoff of the Phoenix Wright version
5.00 - A really dumb newgrounds parody/insult

Miscellaneous Things: 2001-2007
Hardcore - My first music video
Frenchy Cheese - Mike made me
D7 and the search for a webhost - Outdated inside jokes
Forum Kid - Outdated inside jokes
Kermit vs Pikachu - Unoriginal
Elfen Lied - Not trying on movies is kinda fun

Miscellaneous Things: 1999-2000
Kickhead - My first movie
BotchedRobbery - My second piece of shit movie
Hat Saga 1 - A flash version of a movie made for calculator
Hat Saga 2 - The sequel
Hat Saga 3 - The final Hat Saga. Just like the calculator version, it has no ending
Rhete's Adventures in School - My funniest movie
Ether - Dumbest shit ever
Sounds 1 - Rhete screams into a microphone
Sounds 2 - Everyone screams into a microphone
Insanity - Its INSANE!
KarAzy - Its KARAZY!
Weasel assassin - Kill some random kid from Newgrounds! Voice by Brian
Shoot 1 - My first "game" It sucks ass and is glitchy
Shoot 2 - An experiment in movie clips
PSA 2 - My first use of interactive text boxes!
Vex Demo - A game I was working on, a victim of system erasure
Naked With Apes Demo - The short movie that led to Naked With Apes and i vs pi
Naked With Apes Promo - A musical teaser for Naked With Apes
The BMC Drinking Game - Fun with Naked With Apes voice files