Look at them,=fools
They slave away For nothing
for the common good,
for each other
for the dilusional happiness that occurs
when they think that they Make a difference
They are fools
What they do goes unnoticed
by even each other
I hate these stupid ants
lets step on them
And crush THEM
down Into the ground

They are all alike
they are all together
no independance
no free will
no though process

Will you be remembered when youre gone?
Or will you be forgotten like all the others?
"Of course I won't
Im special
Im one of a kind
Im unique"
Keep telling yourself that
keep tellin yourself that
And you'l believe it-
Someday you'll realize
you've wasted everything
for these Worker ants
to be stepped on
and Forgotten

Jeremy Bush>

The world of Hazel nuts

hazel nuts
bloody guts
stuck in ruts
ruts called life
put down that Knife!
it isn't worth it anyway
you want to live another day
sitting in the gorgeous warm sun
take a dip in the pool, dry off again
eating out of your tiny basket hazel nuts
by god those are good hazel nuts
what could we do without them
a curse over the land begins
have all the nuts gone?
to find warmer suns
a better place
total alone
and happy

Direction (To a party)

Go Crazy (Eat Pizza)
Do what you please (Especially in public)
Shoot the fucker up (He deserved it)
We all die anyway (I forget how this ends)
Jeremy Bush (______)


Driving, pounding, working
Melting, forging, searching
Creating a perfection beyond words
That can never be expressed

Searching for love
Yearning for understanding
Wishing for something
Searching the unknown

Time marching on relentlessly
A life spent eager to pass
Wondering where it went
When everything went wrong

A silence thick as an ocean
Understanding transcends all words
The time is gone and nothing is left


Vince lay face down on the ground. His eyes were shut tightly. He couldn't breath with his face in the ground, so he rolled over onto his back. The world looked red from underneath his eyelids. He rolled onto his side, away from the light, and opened his eyes. He saw two colors, yellow and blue. He waited several seconds for his eyes to adjust to adjust to the light, then he sat up and surveyed the land.

The blue was the sky. It was a light pastel blue, and stretched for miles without a single cloud. The only thing in the sky was the white sun, which hovered directly over him, raining down heat.

The yellow was sand. It shimmered brightly in the sun and was hard to looked at. Like the sky, it stretched for miles without anything to draw the eye to. The only thing noticeable in it, was him, who sat in the middle of nowhere.

Vince stood up and looked down at the sand where he had just been sitting. There were no indications to how he had ended up there. The sand wasn't very disturbed, so he hadn't fallen there from the sky, and there were no footprints around, so he hadn't walked there and collapsed.

The sun was terribly hot. It hung in the sky directly overhead. Vince knew that in a few hours it would be hotter. He knew he had to get out of the desert, or he would die of the heat. There were no indications of which way to go, so Vince chose a direction, and simply started walking. It was hard to walk on the sand. It slid beneath his bare feet, and the sun heated it and make in painful. Nevertheless he pressed on.

Vince walked for several minutes with his head down and his arms hanging loosely at his side. He was already terribly exhausted from walking, even though he had just been sleeping. The sun drained on him relentlessly, evaporating sweat as fast as it came. Vince dragged on, his mind void of thoughts, only thinking to keep walking. He glanced up, and noticed two large stone columns in front of him.

He stopped to examine the columns. They were roman in design, and both bright dried out white. The one on the right stood up straight towards the sky, while the left one had fallen over and leaned against the right one at an forty-five degree angle. Vince walked to the base of the left one, and walked up it and stood on top of the right one. He placed his right hand just above his eyes and peered of ahead of him. There were no clouds in the sky, and a single mound on the horizon. Vince examined the mound carefully. He couldn't tell what it was, just that it was something. He walked down the sloped column, and off to his new destination.

Vince walked for hours to reach the mound, which slowly grew larger as he walked towards it. He no longer seemed tired or affected by the sun, which was begining to set. Vince figured that he must be walking west, since as the sun set, it sank behind the mound. Vince noticed that the mound was much larger now, and had become a mountain. The ground he walked on also had changed, from sand to red rock. Vince walked on, eager to reach the top of the mountain, even though he didn't even know what he would find there. The rock began to slope, slightly at first, then much more as the path led up the mountain. Vince climbed up the mountain, grasping protruding rocks with his hands to secure himself as he made his way to the top.

The peak of the mountain was flat. When Vince arrived, he saw the sun again, just over the horizen. The land on the other side of the mountain,differed greatly from the desert he had just been in. On the other side, was a large ocean. The sun sank into it, and slowly faded away. The sky and water were both a dark shimmering violet. The side of the mountain facing the water was a sheer cliff. Vince peered down into the serene and motionless waters. Then he looked back at the desert, dark and uninviting in the night. Vince turned back and sat down at the edge of the cliff, his legs dangling off. He picked up a loose rock and tossed it off. Many seconds later, a faint splash was heard.

"Isn't that far," Vince thought to himself, "And I don't have anywhere else to go," He stood up, stepped back, and leapt off the cliff. His body hit the water like a rock shattering glass. A brief glimpse of the water, followed by darkness.

Teacher teacher

One day, Mrs. Callahan was talking incoherently about nothing, when the voice in the wall said, "Mrs. Callahan, please come to the office,"
"The voice wants me to do something," Mrs Callahan said, "Shane, you're in charge while I'm gone," and she left the room.
"Isn't Mrs. Callahan stupid?" Shane said, "Who here likes her?" No one raised their hand except Meagan. "Lets shoot Mrs. Callahan with the lazer when she comes back" Shane said.
"No!" Said AJ
"Shut up!" Said Shane as he blew AJ away with the laser. Everyone laughed. Mrs. Callahan walked in and saw the mess.
Shane said, "Mrs. Callahan we were just talking about how much we hate you," He aimed the laser at her and shot her in the eye.
"My nearsightedness is gone! Thank you Shane!"
"Your welcome Mrs. Callahan" Shane said as he shot her again in the head.
"My brain tumor is gone!"
"Goddammit!" Shane said as he grabbed the hot plate and smashed it into her face. He removed it and attached to it was her whole face.
Mrs. Callahans dead body was send out to third world countries and ended hunger for five years. One unlucky child ate her brain and went retarded.
The end

Duck: Word of the day

Ducks that swim in ponds.
Ducks that swim under tables.
Ducks that swim in pool.
Ducks that were born in stables.

Ducks, ducks, all around.
On the water or on the ground.

Duck, don't step there.
If you die, I don't care.
Where you step is a hole.
In it a large, duck-eating mole.

You better be careful duck.
No!!!! Don't go there!
The mole spit out some muck.
The muck was the duck, for all you care.

The duck dies.
We make pies.
The taster cries:
This pie attracts flies!

What could be in there?
Not an old cat's hair.
Or a rotten old pear.
And I pray, not a chair.

In it is a duck.
A duck turned to muck.
The mole had good luck.
The pies will cost a buck.

Duck pie for sale!
Enough to feed a whale!
Eat with Boston Ale!
The ducks all did fail...

	Brian Cunningham