The Lists
These lists are compiled from votes on the Sliders n' Socks forum.
The Top 218 Games of Gen 5
The Top 129 Game Boy Games
The Top 153 Sega Genesis
The Top 158 NES Games Ever
The Top 115 SNES Games

At the end of each year I like to look back and write about the video games I've played.
Best Games of 2014
Best Games of 2013
Best Games of 2012
Best Games of 2011

Some other top 10 lists.
Top 10 Cartoons of All-Time
Top 10 Worst Games of All-Time

Shoot Em Ups
Reviews for every single shoot em up on the Genesis, Mega Drive, Sega CD, and 32x.
Genesis Shooters (1989-1990)
Genesis Shooters (1991)
Genesis Shooters (1992)
Genesis Shooters (1993-1995)
Genesis Shooters (Awards)

Not to be left behind, here are reviews for every single shoot em up on the SNES.
Snes Shooter Spectacular (1990-1991)
Snes Shooter Spectacular (1992)
Snes Shooter Spectacular (1993)
Snes Shooter Spectacular (1994-1996)
Snes Shooter Spectacular (Awards)

The History of Inthri
A look at the universe and characters I created as a kid, who now feature heavily in Project Inthri and i vs pi.
The Creation of Inthri
The Alternate Universe, i vs pi
The Girl with Blue Hair, Ether
Everyone Loves Astra
The Three Sides of Seven
The Obscure

The Making of Hunters: Relic of Stars
A look behind the scenes of one of the largest flash games ever.
Alpha - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - Stage 4 - Stage 5 - Stage 6

April Fools' Day
ANiME (2001)

So in 2001 I went on spring break, and decided to leave my computer at college. Upon returning, I saw everyone had spammed my guestbook while I was gone. Since April Fools' Day was about a week away, I decided to drag my "death" out a bit longer, and play PSO in the meantime.

i guestbook as it appeared on April Fools' Day.
Mike and Matts reactions. (2008)

Seven years after hijacking my site on April Fools' Day, Ether strikes again and takes over, complete with comics, a game, top 10 lists, and several anime reviews.
SocksMart (2009)

This time, I teamed up with Polly to create Socks Mart, a fake online store with tons of items, a lot of them i related.
Cocks Make People Sexy (2010)

This one was primarily created by Polly, but I helped on the site layout, intro movie, and the two games.
SMPS v3 (2011)

Took over Pollys website again, upgrading it into "Version 3"
GiantBpwn (2012)

Another huge collaborative effort, we redid Polly's entire website as a giant a parody of GiantBomb.

Some really old reviews of random things
Phantasy Star Zero
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Bubble Symphony and Bubble Memories
Max Payne
Babylon A.D.
Pineapple Express
10,000 B.C.
The Golden Compass

Digital Art - A large gallery of images.

Quotes - The obligatory quotes page.

Conversations - Conversations from the high school years.

Poems - Proof that I remove nothing from this site.